#LeninChao: Bitter Farewell to Lenín Moreno in the Streets of Ecuador and on Social Media

The inauguration of Guillermo Lasso in Ecuador also meant a farewell to Lenín Moreno, a president who leaves office with almost zero popular support. This was confirmed during Lasso’s inauguration day in the Legislative Assembly, in the streets, and on social media networks, where Moreno was described as a “traitor” and the “worst president in history.”

Expectations for the inauguration of Guillermo Lasso as the new president of Ecuador were instead overshadowed by the bitter farewell that the outgoing president, Lenín Moreno (2017-2021), received both in the National Assembly and on social media networks.

As provided for by protocol, Moreno was present in the Ecuadorian legislature for the swearing-in of Lasso, who will preside over Ecuador until 2025. The departing president was surprised to be met with a display of black handkerchiefs that left no doubts about the damage to his reputation among the assembly.

“Another Moreno, never again,” said the black handkerchiefs displayed by various legislators belonging to the progressive Union for Hope (UNES) coalition, which won the most seats in the National Assembly in 2021, but whose presidential candidate, Andrés Arauz, was not able to beat Lasso in the second round of presidential elections.

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“Firm to the principles and consistent with a people that has suffered the cruelty of an indolent government, from our seats we say loud and clear: Another Moreno, never again!” stated the political coalition on its Twitter account.

This was not the only message expressing criticism of Moreno, who arrived at the presidency after being vice president (2007-13) to Rafael Correa, president from 2007-2017. Moreno was also singled out on social media networks by users with hashtags such as # LeninChao or #ElPeorPeorPresidenteDeLaHistoria (the worst president in history).

#LeninChao is a reference to the famous Italian anti-fascist resistance song “Bella Ciao,” popular in Latin America in recent years. Revolución Ciudadana, a political group led by Rafael Correa, released a version of the song dedicated to Moreno.

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The rejection was also manifested on the streets of Ecuador, where demonstrators, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, made clear their repudiation of the former president. Videos of burning effigies of Moreno were posted to social media networks, for example. “Oblivion will be your destiny,” wrote Carlos Moncayo Guillén. “Politics cannot not be done with hatred and vengeance.”

Others, from their homes or from outside Ecuador, dedicated unequivocal messages to the celebration of Moreno’s departure. “Today we say goodbye to the worst government in history but we will continue to remain vigilant: let’s not forget that Lasso co-ruled with Lenín Moreno,” wrote Marisol A. In a video, the Twitter user held up a banner that read “Vile traitor, Lenín Moreno, get out!”

From Europe, many Ecuadorians shared an image that summed up their frustration with Moreno’s legacy. “Ecuador will remember Lenín Moreno, #TheWorstPresidentInHistory, who devastated the country’s institutions, leaving grave consequences for the future development of the country,” wrote Jenniffer Angulo.

As if a retweet was worth more than a thousand words, the former president and reference point for the Ecuadorian left, Rafael Correa, on Monday shared several of these messages but did not add any of his own comments.


Featured image: Ecuador’s former President Lenín Moreno waves goodbye to the camera. ©AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa.

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