Maduro: Colombia’s Uribe Instructed “Los Rastrojos” to Escort Guaido

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Friday that the former president of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe Velez, instructed the military group “Los Rastrojos” to be in charge of escorting Juan Guaidó while participating in the forced admission of the alleged “humanitarian aid” last February on the border with Venezuela. “I am sure that it was Álvaro Uribe Vélez who gave the order to Los Rastrojos to take care of guarding and escorting, of the extraction of Juan Guaidó there,” said the president during the day of orientation and interaction with the Articulation and Social Action Network ( RAAS ), held at the “Poliedro” in Caracas.
The president explained that in the transfer operation of the leader of Popular Will (VP), officials from the mayor’s office of Cúcuta, jurisdiction conducted by a member of the “uribismo” intervened.

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He said in this regard that the photographs in which the ” self-proclaimed ” is seen with leaders of Los Rastrojos are a “top-level scandal” in Colombia revealing direct links between paramilitary groups and drug cartels with Colombian authorities.


“It’s a scandal in all sectors because in Colombia they know that Los Rastrojos cut people into pieces, kill people every day and he appears photographed with the most dangerous criminals and murderers,” he said.
He said that the images are not the only evidence of the alliance between the leader of Popular Will (VP) and criminal organizations, while emphasizing that it is not the first scandal in which the “self-proclaimed” is involved.

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In this regard, he recalled that Guaidó led the burning of trucks with supposed cargo of “humanitarian aid” on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, as well as the uncertain destination of the money raised at the Venezuela Live Aid concert.

“Tremendous criminal that the United States chose to be the head of the Venezuelan opposition, what a shame!” he said, while pointing out that the right has been “scammed” by Juan Guaidó.

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Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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