Massive Chavista Demonstration Today in Caracas (images)

Like in the best time of Comandante Chávez today the Ave. Bolívar in Caracas was filled with happy and high spirited Chavistas from end to end.

Disregarding the call for the demonstration was made less than 72 hours before, the Chavistas from Caracas start filling the big Ave. Bolívar since 10 am. You could feel the happiness and the courage of these humble Venezuelans that are not going to allow a foreign intervention in Venezuela, even in the middle of the most harsh economic crisis promoted by the US.

President Maduro start his speech around 2:14 pm and finish around 3:30 pm. Below we highlight the most important announcements from his message of today, with the exception of the one related to new elections for the National Assembly that we will detail in a separate piece.

Message to the opposition

“I’m telling yo to reflect, to the right that have spent 20 years conspiring, from blow to blow, from defeat to defeat, until when will they hurt the country?, enough, think, leave the path of Yankee interventionism and stop calling for a war , stop supporting a coup d’etat that has already failed and today I say it in this AV. Bolívar, it is time to look for solutions, but through work, through the productive effort of the whole country. Everything we need we can and must do it in Venezuela.”

In this sense he asserted that the Venezuelans are not beggars of anyone.

“We have not been, nor will we be a country of beggars, we are a country of dignity and national pride. There are those who feel beggars of imperialism and sell their homeland for 20 million dollars, I continue to call for peace, we want peace, coexistence, harmony and we must take care of that peace every day.”

National Dialog

Likewise, the head of state ratified his commitment to dialogue, for which he called on the wisdom of the opposition groups to abandon the coup and solve the country’s problems through dialogue.

“Will not a flash of good sense come to the opposition? I confirm my support to initiate a national dialogue, to solve the problems among Venezuelans. I confirm my support; I am ready to speak, to facilitate the path of the national meeting and establish an agenda of priorities.”


Similarly, the president reported that the Government has already initiated legal action against the United States Government to defend the property of the subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) that is located in that North American nation, Citgo.

“We initiate the legal actions and we are going to give the fight so that justice is done, justice in favor of the truth because Citgo does not belong to Donald Trump,” emphasized the Head of State.

Union and loyalty of the FANB

In his speech, President Maduro confirmed that “the FANB is the backbone of the national union, of the Venezuelan democracy; the FANB has to be forged every day in union, in loyalty, in discipline. If Venezuela wants a future, wants peace, democracy, we must preserve the strength and unity of the Bolivarian National Armed Force.”

Mobilizations in support of Venezuela

Finally, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, thanked on Saturday the mobilizations that take place around the world in solidarity with the National Government and in rejection of the interventionism carried out by the government of the US president, Donald Trump.

“A wave of global consciousness rises in the face of daily threats from the White House extremists.”


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