Mismanagement of resources: Government of Guyana Falls

The Parliament of Guyana approved a no-confidence motion against President David Granger, who became the first president to receive a sanction of this kind.

The motion of no-confidence, which translates into a defeat for Granger, puts an end to the management that it carried out since 2015 and forces to call elections for the month of March 2019.

The opposition of Guyana has pushed the measure considering that the politician has made a mismanagement of oil resources, which are exploited by the transnational Exxon Mobil.

Granger is accused of “having sold the patrimony” of Guyana and of bowing to the conditions of the oil giant.

Meanwhile, Venezuela maintains the claims for the Essequibo, which has been explored by Exxon Mobil with the support of Granger, despite the current territorial conflict.

The Venezuelan Government has insisted on the need to reestablish talks on the controversy, however, the response of the Granger Administration was not favorable.

Source URL: La Iguana TV

Translated by JRE / AR

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