Nicaragua Has Built 130 Thousand New Houses in 12 Years

In the last 12 years, more than 130 thousand new houses have been built in Nicaragua, a fact that marks a before and after in the history of the Central American country, according to the authorities of the Institute of Urban and Rural Housing (Invur).

To continue facilitating access to safe and low-cost housing, the Invur authorities presented their projections, and by 2020 thousands of new houses will be built, and improvements will be made in a large number of homes where poor families live.

“A plan that aims to raise awareness of four fundamental axes, of which they deal with the work we are going to benefit 2,592 families through the delivery of subsidies for the construction of new homes and for home improvement, for them it has been programmed to deliver 855 incentives for the construction of housing in municipal mayorships, 300 housing improvements, and 1437 bonuses to the premium that will be given for the project” explained Olivia Cano Co-director of the Invur.

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Josue Vaca lives in Montenebo, one of the most emblematic housing projects in the country, with fees ranging from $60 per month, it is developed through coordinated work between the Nicaraguan government and private companies.

“I did not believe it, it was a dream, but my wife went to make the arrangements, and I told her in the name of Jesus then, and now here we are in our own house, I used to pay $180 in house rent, this project is a great blessing” said Vaca.

In addition to new homes, Invur will guarantee the payment rate subsidy for those with social interest houses, which represents a savings of $40 per month for each Nicaraguan family, and due to the seismic risk in Nicaragua, this year they will develop update workshops on housing construction standards.

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A total of 15,500,000 Cordobas will be destined for repairs on the houses whose owners are poor people, “the families that need and want to be able to make improvements to their home, to meet this goal, we will accompany the applicant family. It is very important because sometimes the family knows what they need, but they don’t know how they are going to do it, they know what they need, one more room but maybe they don’t have the technical knowledge of what maybe it is best to take the room out of the kitchen, and then the municipal mayors, in accompaniment with Invur and its technical team of engineering architects, take the house up and give the family the advice” detailed the head of Invur.

In 2020, 4 housing fairs will be held jointly with private companies, in addition the construction plan of 50 thousand new houses for the next 5 years in Nicaragua will begin.

Source URL: Canal 2 TV

Translated by JRE/EF



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