* Ochoa Antich: I Reject a Parallel Government…”

“This Saturday, 5 and particularly on Thursday, the National Assembly has a clear dilemma: extremism or dialogue,” said the coordinator of the Movimiento Juntos and director of the Alliance for Change Coalition in declarations for LaIguana.TV.


“The extremist proposal is the parallelism: the appointment of president and government and then parallel CNE, that is, a government in exile, but inside the country!, which could only be imposed by the force of a foreign military intervention gringo-colombo-Brazilian , this I reject with a Venezuelan passion “, explained the opposition politician who was the founder of the Movement Towards Socialism and later general secretary of “Un Nuevo Tiempo”.


“The other option that the opposition has is to choose, beyond their own censorship to the crisis of legitimacy of the regime, the path of dialogue, in which case it should appoint a special commission of negotiators who immediately ask to meet with the Executive,” noted Ochoa Antich.


Yes you can negotiate


The political leader, who in 2018 promoted the presidential candidacy of Henri Falcón, rejected the argument put forward by the radicals, in the sense that one can not negotiate with a government that is considered illegitimate. “It should be remembered that the crisis of legitimacy of the Chavista-Madurista political regime did not begin with the elections of 20M, as some say, but at least 15 years ago when, in violation of the Constitution, the State was transformed (the Public Powers, the Armed Forces , etc.) in an obsequious instrument of the PSUV, configuring a true party / State opposed to democracy, which had its climax when instrumentalizing the call and election of the National Constituent Assembly. Well, with that regime, which had already compromised its legitimacy, the opposition went to elections and talked and negotiated at least three times. ”


Ochoa Antich added that historical world experiences indicate that democratic transitions are generally negotiated with regimes categorized by their opponents as illegitimate anti-democratic. “The Chilean democrats never recognized the legitimacy of Pinochet; nor the Spanish socialists and communists that of the Franco regime; not Mandela of Apartheid; neither (Lech) Walesa and Solidaridad or the 77 of Czechoslovakia that of the communist totalitarian regime; and not only did they talk and negotiate with them, but they were also an active part of the transition and even of the governments that resulted from it. ”


In his concept, then, the new board of the AN, which will be elected on January 5, “must convert its dialogue and negotiation with the government and with chavismo-madurismo into public policy.”


Letter to Maduro


During the end of 2018, Ochoa Antich, on behalf of the movement that coordinates, directed an open letter to President Maduro in which he also urges him to seek a negotiated solution to the crisis, which he sees as the transition of “chavismo-madurismo” to the opposition in an agreed manner.


In the letter, he recalls the times when they were on the same side of politics, fighting against the governments of Puntofijismo, but he warns that he should avoid going down in history as “the worst president in history”.


“He rejected the phrase that” before we were happy and we did not know it “, but when comparing the reality of today with that of before 1998, we have to conclude that today as a country we are less democratic, more corrupt, poorer, and less productive than before, “said Ochoa Antich in his letter.


The opposition leader concludes by inviting Maduro to facilitate the transition to conjure up major evils such as a social insurrection, a foreign invasion or a military coup.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE