Oil for Food Program for Venezuela (National Dialogue Table)

The different political actors in the country must join forces to ensure that the proposal for the exchange of oil for food, medicine and public services is materialized in order to alleviate the needs of the population, according to Deputy José Antonio España, a member of the new political faction Independent for Renewal and Change.

The parliamentarian believes that in order to materialize the proposal made in the National Dialogue Table, the sanctions and the blockade against the country must first be suspended.

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“The nation has the largest oil reserves in the world, we are sure that with the exchange we can get enough food, medicines and public services, which will end the hardships suffered by the Venezuelan people,” said España.

He stressed that there have already been points of agreement between the government and the opposition for understanding such as the incorporation of the PSUV deputies in the National Assembly, as well as the formation of a preliminary committee for the election of a new National Electoral Council board .

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“The exchange of oil for food, medicine and public services (electricity and gas), led by the United Nations, without sanctions and without blockages, will allow us to move forward in dialogue and reconciliation,” said the parliamentarian.

According to José Antonio España, the exchange of oil for food is an experience already put into practice by the UN and gave excellent results in the Middle East and in other specific cases. “Although the situation in Venezuela is different, the results could be very favorable.”

The member of the independent parliamentary section for Renewal and Change believes that “the exchange could take place during the first quarter of 2020, as long as agreements are reached between the government and the opposition. “We must build the will for this plan to be achieved.”

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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