Parliamentary Elections: 20,710,421 Voters Make up the Electoral Roll

This Monday, September 14, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Indira Alfonzo, announced that the electoral roll that will serve as the basis for the parliamentary elections on December 6 has already been set.

In this sense, she specified that it is made up of a total of 20,710,421 voters.

“As of today we want to announce that the electoral roll that will serve as a database for these elections on December 6 has been consolidated,” said Alfonzo in contact with Venezolana de Televisión.

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“After having been audited, having complied with the phases of the law, about claims, challenges, as well as any modifications that might take place within the framework of the Constitution and the law, as of today we can announce to the country that the electoral roll for the elections on December 6 will be made up of 20,710,421 female and male voters who will be able to exercise their right to vote in the national territory”, she stressed.

Alfonzo recalled that in this way each and every one of the responsibilities derived from the electoral schedule for these parliamentary elections is being fulfilled and the process advances according to the schedule.

Likewise, the highest authority of the electoral body reiterated the invitation to the Venezuelan population to participate in the December 6 elections “with that enthusiasm, with that democratic vocation and aware that within the Constitution and the law, we are building the path to the parliamentary elections to elect our deputies to the National Assembly.”

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(La IguanaTV)

Translation: OT/JRE/EF

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