“Planton” in Colombia: Strike Committee Announces more Protests Against Duque

Among the scheduled activities is a sit-in (planton) in the place the authorities and representatives of the labor sector chose to discuss the minimum wage.

On Monday the Committee of the Strike in Colombia promoted more protest actions against President Iván Duque that will last until December 10, according to the announcement of the Unitary Central of Workers (CUT).

The president of the CUT , Diogenes Orjuela, who is also part of the Committee, said there will be a sit-in at the bargaining site for the minimum wage, which is currently around $237 per month.

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Also, in commemoration of International Human Rights Day, they expect different mobilizations as part of the agenda stipulated by the Strike Committee, with the purpose of demanding respect for the human rights of Colombians.

Orjuela said that they are going to make a takeover of Bogotá (capital) with cacerolazos and sit ins on the day that the tax reform is being voted, considering that this initiative damages the interests of the people.

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“We are going to liven up the “pupitrazo” of the congressmen who are going to vote for the tax reform, with a cacerolazo in the Plaza de Bolívar here in Bogotá,” said the president of the CUT.

On the other hand, Senator Iván Cepeda, from the Peace Commission, said that it is frankly embarrassing to hear the Colombian ex-president, Álvaro Uribe, promote tax reform saying that it brings social benefits, such as three days without value added tax (VAT) ).

Meanwhile, the meetings between the Strike Committee and the government of Colombia continue without reaching agreements, due to discrepancies in the official position, since the trade unionists request a negotiating table to specify actions and not just dialogue, as Duque urges.

Featured image: Protesters plan to carry out seedlings and cacerolazos in Bogotá (capital) when voting for tax reform in Congress. | Photo: EFE

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Translated by JRE/EF



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