President Maduro Appoints 7 New Ministers

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro appointed seven new ministers (2 women and 5 men) to the portfolios of Urban Agriculture, Tourism and Foreign Trade, Ecological Mining Development, Women, University Education, Ecosocialism and Public Infrastructure on Monday night.
He pointed out, through several messages on the Twitter social network, that the designations are part “of the process of renewal, rectification and change”, so he decided to “designate a group of professionals with extensive experience and high social sensitivity, in important responsibilities for the integral development of the country”. Only 2 ministers come from the military field.

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The new ministers and ministers are:

  • Vanesa Montero López will assume the Ministry of Popular Power for Urban Agriculture.
  • Mr. Felix Ramón Plasencia González will be the new Minister of the Popular Power for Tourism and Foreign Trade. “He will have the responsibility to boost tourism development and international investment in Venezuela,” the President wrote .
  • Admiral Gilberto Pinto Blanco will lead the Ministry of Popular Power of Ecological Mining Development. “His experience and academic training will help boost national eco-socialist mining development,” Maduro explained.
  • Dr. Asia Yajaira Villegas Poljak will be the new Minister of Popular Power for Women and Gender Equality. “We must continue to deepen all mechanisms of gender inclusion and comprehensive protection for women,” the President instructed.
  • The lawyer César Trómpiz Cecconi will be the new Minister of the Popular Power for University Education. “It has the strategic mission of bringing the entire university public education system to the service of the great interests of the nation,”Maduro wrote.
  • Dr. Oswaldo Rafael Barbera Gutiérrez will be the new Minister of Popular Power for Ecosocialism. “Important mission that assumes the protection of the environment as a fundamental space for the development of human life,” said the Head of State.
  • The general of the Bolivarian National Guard, Raúl Alfonso Paredes, will be the new Minister of the Popular Power of Public Infrastructure. “His extraordinary work in the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor, will contribute to the development and maintenance of the country’s infrastructure,” the President wrote.

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On the other hand, Mervin Maldonado Urdaneta will be the new Executive Secretary of the Somos Venezuela Movement and of the Missions, Great Missions and Micromissions System.
To conclude, the President said that, “on behalf of the Venezuelan people, I appreciate the loyalty and commitment of the patriots who were in charge of these offices, doing a great job in the service of the Fatherland. Soon new missions will come that I am sure will be fulfilled with the same commitment”.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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