President Maduro Reports Two Deceased, a New Case of Coronavirus and 167 Total Cases

On April 8, Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, reported two new deaths in Venezuela from the Covid-19 coronavirus, raising fatalities to 9 people in total. Likewise, he reported a new case of coronavirus, for a 167 total. There are 65 patients recovered.


One of the deceased is a 58-year-old man, businessman, residing in El Cafetal, Baruta municipality, Miranda state. His symptoms began on March 10. He was infected in Spain. He presented with symptoms of dry cough, fever, malaise, respiratory distress. He was hospitalized in a private clinic on March 24. He presented respiratory infection and pneumonia. He was taken to the intensive care unit, where he was intubated and ventilated. But he passed away this Wednesday.

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The other deceased citizen is a 63-year-old man, who had traveled to the United States, Panama and Colombia. He entered Venezuela by land on March 10. He was at the Comprehensive Diagnosis Center (CDI) in San Jacinto (Lara state), where he was admitted with a respiratory infection, decompensated diabetes and fever. On March 20, he tested positive for Covid-19. His case did not respond to treatment. He was admitted to intensive care and died today.

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Regarding the new case of Covid-19, the President specified that she is an inhabitant of the Valles del Tuy, a nurse at a private center where people with Covid-19 are cared for. She had contact with another positive case: a brother who is also a nurse. She was transferred to the CDI de Cartanal, where she is responding to treatment.
The President explained that the number of people with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 being treated in their homes dropped to 16, following the order given yesterday that those who are in home isolation be hospitalized to minimize the chances that they infect their relatives. The President pointed out that some of them are refusing to be hospitalized; He asks for collaboration and calls for conscience from the relatives.

He noted that 112,512 screening tests have been carried out, through the house-by-house system carried out by the Homeland Platform. The goal is to perform a million tests during this first phase of coronavirus containment.

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Translated by JRE/EF



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