South Africa and India on Maduro’s Side

“South Africa’s position is that we recognize the duly elected, democratically elected President of Venezuela until such time as he steps down, or until such time as there is an election.”

With these words, Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) Minister Lindiwe Sisulu confirmed on Saturday that South Africa is backing incumbent Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in the current power struggle playing out in Caracas.

“Anything else we find irregular, and that is a position we are going to put across at the UN Security Council,” Sisulu said. This in reference to the self-proclamation of Deputy Juan Guaido as Interin President of Venezuela and the immediate recognition of US government in a clear regime change operation.

India also took stand yesterday:

“We are closely monitoring the situation in Venezuela. We believe that the Venezuelan people must find a political solution to their differences through constructive dialogue and debate, without resorting to violence”, — quotes RIA Novosti words of a diplomat.

Foreign Ministry spokesman of India Ravish Kumar said in New Delhi that India is closely monitoring the situation in Venezuela.

It is not a definitive stance as the South Africa one but very similar to the one adopted by Mexico and Uruguay.

Their position seams to be PRINCIPLED, recognizing that a precedent like the one being trying to impose on Venezuela could be devastating for international relations assuming that if the international community allow the US to concrete their Coup plans in Venezuela any given day from now one any government around the word will be subject to similar operations of regime change without impunity.


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