Terrorist Plot Uncovered: Popular Will Planned to Storm Military Units on December 15

On December 15, the Voluntad Popular terrorist group, headed by Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó, planned to carry out destabilizing actions in the country, a plan that attempted to assault two military units: the Mariscal Sucre Military Base and National Guard Command #53, located in Sucre state. This was denounced by the vice president of communication, culture and tourism, Jorge Rodríguez.

“The intention was a takeover with the help of Sucre State Police, using rifles that were to be provided by two deputy deputies of the terrorist group “Voluntad Popular”, what for? to generate a bloodshed, to kill GNB, FANB troops, to generate a situation of destabilization seeking to remake the dark narrative of death, of bloodshed and to say ‘look how Venezuela is’, because that’s what they are expert in, they are experts in fake news,” said the minister.

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In the same way, he explained that Leopoldo López entrusted Guaidó and in turn (alternate) Deputy Yanet Fermín, to proceed with the plan. Fermín went to Cúcuta and met with Lester Toledo and Josnar Baduel, who committed to deliver money and rifles to carry out terrorist actions.

According to the investigation, the deputies of the National Assembly and members of Popular Will Fernando Orozco and Yanet Fermin, intended to bring in 300 rifles from Colombia to execute this terrorist plan.

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The minister explained that captures of some of those involved in this act have already been made, and in turn search and capture warrants has been issued for the deputies involved, currently fugitives from justice.

Guiadó drunk

In his speech the minister referred to the state of drunkenness in which Juan Guaidó presented himself last Friday night, to Fermin’s residence, where DGCIM (Venezuelan Military Intelligence) officials were present looking for her.

Deputy Guaido trying to make another media show in front of the fugitive Deputy led a tiny mob of right wingers protesting the “dictatorship” but in a video one of the agents dealing with Guaido tells him that he want talk to him because he smells of alcohol and the video shows a Guaido not in his most sober state.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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