The Discontent of “Yellow Vests” Spreads Across Europe

In France, last Saturday, was also a day of tear gas, batons and water cannons. Verbal and physical confrontations between protesters and policemen.

The five weeks of criticism of the “yellow vests” in France inspired hundreds of thousands of Europeans to leave the streets to demand their rights and ask for political changes.

The government does not do enough and does not comply with what it promises, say the furious demonstrators. For that reason, they assure that they will continue fighting in the streets until materializing their demands.

So far, eight French have died in this fight.

The yellow vests also appeared in Belgium. The police carried out 70 arrests, and used all means at their disposal to disperse the demonstrators and prevent them from reaching the European institutions’ headquarters in Brussels.

The Hungarians repudiate the government’s labor policies, and denounce the enslavement of the workers.

In Spain, protesters against the precarious living conditions occurred in several cities.

In Austria and also in Serbia, thousands of people took to the streets to call for an end to the hostile policies of their governments.

In Austria, protesters repudiated the return of the country to the far right, xenophobic and anti-immigrant policies.

The Serbs, for their part, defied the freezing temperatures to denounce the political repression against anyone who opposes the government.

Europe is going through a difficult period, marked by the financial crisis and austerity policies, which have degraded the living conditions of citizens, and have generated widespread discontent with the political classes.

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Source URL: HispanTV

Translated by JRE

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