“The US Will Not Support Elections if Guaido or Maduro Participate” – Elliott Abrams

The New York Times (NYT) published a report that includes an interview with the United States special representative for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams. There he made clear the stand of Trump’s administration around the political crisis and the Norway talks between the opposition and Chavismo.

Among the most important of his statements was that “the White House will not give its support for new elections in the South American country if there are any of the two men in power on the ballot: Maduro or Guaidó.”

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He only added one exception: “The US diplomat said that if they want to run, they would first have to leave office to avoid fighting over whether the vote was manipulated.”

This in light of the Barbados talks possibly having good results, an issue that has been sabotaged by the United States through the intensification of the economic, financial and commercial blockade via sanctions.

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The NYT adds: “Abrams predicted that Guaidó will possibly end the negotiations by October 1 in order to prevent them from being extended if there is no resolution.”

The US representative also said, in the best style of global police, that Washington offers an “amnesty” to President Nicolás Maduro (accused of drug trafficking without evidence) if he leaves office immediately, that there have been no negotiations between the Venezuelan government and the US government but “intermittent messages”, and that the White House will not lift the sanctions until Maduro leaves power.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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