Today Argentina Says Goodbye to the Collapsing Lima Group

Countries of the Lima Group will see each other again this Friday, November 8, in the capital of Brazil, where interfering, they will resume the issue of Venezuela, in an appointment that will be the last for Argentina, which promises to leave this group in December, after inaugurating its new government.

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The elected president of that nation, Alberto Fernández, has implied that once he assumes power, on December 10, his country will leave that block because it does not contribute anything positive for the Venezuelan people.

The new Peronist administrator of Buenos Aires said that his future government could join the Montevideo Mechanism, formed by Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia and the Caribbean Community, because it seeks to promote political dialogue in the country but with recognizing Nicolás Maduro as president.

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According to media reports, Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie will represent the government of Mauricio Macri, on this last appointment in Brasilia, and he will have to say goodbye to the Lima Group.

Featured image: Do they look victorious to you? / Courtesy of the Lima Group

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Translated by JRE/EF

Paula Klachko

Paula Klachko is an Argentinian sociologist and PhD in History. She teaches at UNPAZ-UNDAV and contributes to several Latin American outlets.