Unanimously: ANC Approved Lifting Guaido’s Parliamentary Immunity (Videos)

02/Mar/2019.- Today the Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly (ANC) unanimously approved the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of Deputy Juan Guaido, self-proclaimed “interim president” of Venezuela since last January the 23rd with the complicity of the US government.

“The continuation of the trial is thus formally authorized and our justice system, according to the Constitution and the Law, is responsible for applying the mechanisms provided in the various criminal codes of procedure” said Diosdado Cabello, president of the ANC.

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The most powerful speech of the session was the one from the Constituent María León, she said: “For me, the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of Guaidó is insufficient. I would ask for popular courts and in each state the people will say what to do with someone who betrays the country, steals our money and gives it to the United States. ”

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She also demanded that the ANC, in addition to this ratification, apply to Guaido sanctions established in the Magna Carta for Treason to the Fatherland. In the video below posted in the VTV twitter account Maria Leon can be seen saying: “the trench is in the home of each Venezuelan, the battle is being fought by every family because they deny them their medicines, because they cut off their water, because you take the light from us, you miserable! The people of Venezuela are illuminated by Bolivar and Chavez, there is no blackout here, they can’t.”


It is relevant to highlight that the legal proceeding against the Deputy was initiated for several alleged crimes starting from his self-proclamation as “interim president” and up to his flagrant violation of the Supreme Court’s provision forbidding him to exit Venezuela without prior authorization, not to mention his connection with the terrorist plot for which his chief of staff, Roberto Marrero was captured a few weeks ago.

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The President of the ANC, Diosdado Cabello informed the public that from now on the legal procedure will continue, passing again to the Supreme Court and to the Office of the Attorney General, Tarek William Saab.