“Unforgivable”: Colombia’s Ernesto Samper on Ivan Duque’s Refusal to Coordinate with Venezuela in Fighting COVID-19

This Monday March 16, the former Colombian President Ernesto Samper stated that the attitude of Colombia towards Venezuela in the fight against the coronavirus is “unforgivable”.

This statement was made via Twitter, where the ex-secretary general of Unasur also wrote “The attitude of some South American countries, including Colombia, that seek to isolate Venezuela, for ideological reasons, from an agreement to combat the coronavirus among all, is unforgivable. With UNASUR was alive, the health ministers would already be working on it.”

The current Colombian president, Iván Duque, has flatly refused to discuss the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) with the legitimate government of Venezuela.

Duque said that “This is anything but political, this is not a matter of discrepancies or diplomatic discussions, this is a matter of facing a global situation and that is why doing it through the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is responsible and it is also the body with which we have been working,” according to the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

However, it is clear that he is the preacher of political differences, prefers to leave the job to PAHO after deciding to close the border with Venezuela without consultations and forcing thousands of Colombians and Venezuelans to use illegal trails controlled by paramilitary forces without any sort of epidemiological control, putting the spreading of COVI-19 in both countries at a high level of risk.

Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT content

Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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