US Evacuate Part of its Embassy Staff in Caracas

At least ten vans, which were monitored by police officers, left the embassy.

The US embassy in Venezuela evacuated part of its staff, two days after that President Nicolás Maduro announced the breakdown of diplomatic and political relations with Washington and gave them 72 hours to leave the country and ending this Sunday.

A convoy of at least a dozen black and white trucks left from a sector near the US embassy, in a caravan, whose passage was protected by police officers, according to a Reuters witness.

Relations between Caracas and Washington, main Venezuelan oil buyer, tensed even more this week when Maduro denounced that President Donald Trump favored a coup d’etat against his government after recognizing the leader of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, as Interin president of the country and announced the rupture of diplomatic relation.

In a press conference that is being held at this moment by President Maduro with foreign correspondents, he reiterated that he expects some sanity in the US Department of State and leave the country in the timing define by international agreements.

In another development it was confirmed that Guaido offered Venezuelan diplomats in the US -making preparations to leave that country this Saturday- to stay and keep working for his parallel government.