‘Whites First’ Rule in Effect During Evacuation of Kiev (+Racism)

The situation in Ukraine is beginning to bleed into others, especially for the African and Indian foreigners who are currently trying to leave Kiev. This was the case for a group of Nigerian students who were refused passage at the train station, after the border guards alleged that they have to let the majority white Ukrainians board first.

Another Twitter user mentioned that the order on the trains is “children, women, white men, and then the Africans.”

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The spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov, has stated that the objective of the recent operation is that of demilitarizing and “denazification,” which means that Russia intends to free Ukraine from neo-Nazis, their followers, and their ideology. The racist treatment received by people of color attempting to flee the conflict is an indicator of the way that many people think in Ukraine, and is evidence of the need to protect this sector of the population.

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The situation of Africans
Meanwhile, the advisor to the president of Nigeria, Garba Shehu, commented in a statement that “there have been unfortunate reports of Ukrainian police and security personnel refusing to allow Nigerians to board buses and trains heading towards the Ukraine-Poland border.”

Koko, a Nigerian medical student in Ukraine, shared via social media her terrible experience when she fled Dnipro, a city in the center of Ukraine, for Poland. She said that it took her more than 36 hours to travel the 960 km to the western city of Lviv, which normally takes 13 hours by car. She also commented that the group of women she traveled with encountered racial segregation as they boarded the train, due to the “whites first” rule.

“Ukrainians didn’t have to cue with us,” wrote Koko in another post. “They were prioritised and taken to the front of border control. Our cue only had non-Ukrainians. Who stood where was decided by the military.”

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This has occurred after the government of India, alongside China and the United Arab Emirates, abstained from a UN Security Council resolution which condemned Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

“The situation is getting worse every day, what is happening is that they are torturing us,” said Mansi Chaudhary, an Indian student. “The Indian students are being tortured. They won’t let us cross into Poland. Even the female students are being harassed. They have been pulling their hair and hitting them with rods. Some female students have suffered fractures and injuries.”


Featured image: Nigerians are refused passage on a train leaving Kiev. Photo: Twitter/@ChalecosAmarill

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