Another Investigation and More Impunity, Will the Prosecution Achieve Anything Against Guaidó?

The Public Prosecutor’s Office will initiate a criminal investigation against the parliamentarian Juan Guaidó, president of the National Assembly, for his alleged links with the Colombian narco-paramilitary band Los Rastrojos. This was reported Friday by prosecutor Tarek William Saab at a press conference in Caracas.

He explained that this research will be carried out after photographic evidence was published this week in different national and international media. In the photos, the deputy appears next to two leaders of that group, the “Brother” and the “Menor”, as confirmed by the Colombian police of the North of Santander.

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“Given the serious evidence, this Public Ministry has decided to initiate a criminal investigation. The means of proof leap into public light. The 27th National Prosecutor’s Office against drugs has been designated to carry out the investigations and determine the links of these narco-paramilitaries with people who live in the country, including Juan Guaidó, ”said the prosecutor.

Extreme links

Saab gave some details of Los Rastrojos. In this regard, he indicated that it is “a criminal gang made up of dissidents from the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, a paramilitary group that demobilized in 2006. It was a front to mutate in this organization of paid criminals, allied with the Colombian State, the uribismo, santismo and now with Iván Duque”.

In addition, he indicated that Los Rastrojos are currently working with the Sinaloa cartel, Mexico, another band dedicated to drug trafficking, among other criminal activities.

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On the other hand, he reported that one of the leaders of Los Rastrojos was arrested in Valencia (Carabobo state) last March. “He was in our territory clandestinely. This is Wilfrido Gómez Torres, aka “Neco”. This capture was made possible by the denunciation of Roberto Marrero, the alleged chief of staff of Guaidó, after his arrest.”


A Chavista activist consulted by OT has expressed their discontent with the way the Public Ministry and Maduro’s government have handled the multiple crimes committed by Guaido and most of the leaders of extreme right wing parties in Venezuela. “We demand more efficient and strong decisions and an effective action of law enforcement agencies to act under the rule of law against Guaido”, a political expert said to OT.

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Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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