BioCubaFarma creates a joint venture with a UK company, expanding its international presence

August 3, 2020.-  BioCubaFarma and the UK company, SG Innovations Limited, announce on Monday the launch of a new company, “BioFarma Innovations”, focused on accelerating the development and accessibility in Europe and the British Commonwealth of leading and innovative medicines worldwide.

According to a statement from the Cuban business group, the new association become a joint venture aims to provide access to BioCubaFarma’s portfolio of biopharmaceutical products, which are protected by patents and includes all the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies established in Cuba.

Based on world leading science, BioCubaFarma companies have developed a wide range of drugs, with innovative discoveries, to meet medical needs.

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In the midst of the current global crisis and the threat to public health, BioFarma Innovations will expand its distribution networks and increase the accessibility of these products for a greater number of people throughout the planet, including the fight against COVID-19.

Clinical trials of various products developed by BioCubaFarma for the treatment of the new coronavirus have shown encouraging and prospective results in several countries. BioFarma Innovations will enable the evaluation of these and other products from its portfolio in Europe and the British Commonwealth.

BioFarma Innovations’ strategic approach is underpinned by the development and commercialization in Europe and the British Commonwealth of a portfolio of proprietary biopharmaceutical products and specifically:

Provide access to the experience gained by BioCubaFarma worldwide and to its broad portfolio of products from its production facilities and Research and Development (R&D) laboratories.

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Allow investment in new product development, including clinical trials and the launch of new medicines in Europe and the British Commonwealth.
BioFarma Innovations will be based in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Lord David Triesman, who will assume the position of president of the new company, has more than 40 years of experience working with the National Health Service, as minister responsible for quality of higher education, innovation and patents, Vice President of the Authority Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Area Health; as well as Secretary General of the Association of University Professors, which includes prominent medical and biochemical university research faculties.

At the beginning of his professional career Lord David Triesman worked as a senior researcher in epidemiology at the Graduate Medical Federation of Great Britain.

The now president of BioFarma Innovations expressed in a statement that “as the demands in the healthcare industry have never been greater and the need for new medicines is more urgent, I am tremendously excited about the contribution that this new company can make. do, certainly transformative now and for years to come. ”

In this regard, Dr. Eduardo Martínez Díaz, President of BioCubaFarma, added that in correspondence with “our mission to prioritize public health, we are offering a dynamic and open approach to collaboration with global pharmaceutical companies and public health organizations throughout Europe and the British Commonwealth, which ranges from licensing to joint development and research agreements. We have consolidated a broad portfolio of products and want to guarantee access to new drugs to help meet unmet demands worldwide. ”

BioFarma Innovations now joins BioCubaFarma’s extensive international presence through joint ventures in China, Spain, Thailand and Singapore that allow it to continue growing


Translated by Walter Lippmann

(Taken from BioCubaFarma )



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