Block the CLAP?

By Beltrán Haddad

Among the latest unilateral coercive measures taken by the US Department of the Treasury against the Venezuelan people are sanctions on companies in Turkey, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Panama and the United States that carry out operations with the Venezuelan Government to purchase food that is distributed by the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) to Venezuelan families.

I want to say that the enemies of the Bolivarian revolution are blocking the CLAP Program. Do you know what does it mean? It means that the foreign governments and the Venezuelan opposition who tear their clothes daily because of the supposed “humanitarian crisis” that Venezuela is experiencing, are the same ones that prevent food from arriving in the country and violate the right of Venezuelans to receive them or the right to not be hungry, as simple as that.

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This last criminal action that the US Government is committing against the Venezuelan people, with the malicious consent of Guaidó, the anti-Chavismo, the governments of Canada, the European Union and the “Lima Group”, constitutes a crime against humanity that the Statute of Rome foresaw and sanctions in its article 7, whose norm defines it, among other acts, as “extermination” that is committed within the framework of a generalized or systematic attack against a civilian population. In that sense, it is pointed out that the “extermination” will include the intentional imposition of living conditions, the deprivation of access to food or medicines among others, aimed at causing the destruction of part of a population.

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This crime is added to inflation that has not ceased to be a stormy issue for Venezuelans and is used as a political weapon to destabilize state institutions and create confusion, uncertainty and, consequently, the conditions that make possible the fall of the government.

Blocking the CLAP is committing a crime against humanity through extermination for deprivation of access to food to a large part of the population, equivalent to more than six million families who receive those boxes to defeat the economic war that Venezuela is undergoing.

Those responsible for this crime, by action or omission, will be tried by the International Criminal Court. Blocking the CLAP is the most serious crime that is being committed today, but the Venezuelan people will also face them because they know how to resist and win.

Source URL: Ultimas Noticias

Translated by JRE/EF



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