Bolivia: Evo Morales Chosen as MAS Presidential Campaign Director

The indigenous leader, Evo Morales, was elected this Saturday as campaign leader of the “Movimiento al Socialismo” (MAS) for the elections to be held in Bolivia next year, AVN reports.

According to a Prensa Latina release, the decision was taken during the Congress of the political organization, which will define the presidential binomial that represents the party in the general elections, following the prohibition imposed by the de facto government on Morales’s nominations – who resigned on November 10 after the consummated coup d’etat against him – and against Vice President Álvaro García Linera, who also resigned.

After the news was released, Morales – who was in Mexico under political asylum – thanked the proclamation, as well as highlighted the unity of the indigenous movements, who stand firm in rejection of the de facto government, headed by the self-proclaimed “interim president” Jeanine Áñez; despite repressions by state security forces.

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“Sisters and brothers, your unity, energy and strength excites me. I will return and we will return soon as millions to the government with our Democratic and Cultural Revolution. Now is when! Jichapi Jichaxa! Kunanma kunank’a!” Morales wrote on his Twitter account.

After the resignation of Morales, the Bolivian people have remained in the streets expressing rejection and demanding the resignation of the de facto government, as well as the restoration of the constitutional order in the country.

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These demonstrations have been repressed by the State security forces, leaving a balance of 34 dead and more than 800 injured.

On Saturday, former President Morales traveled from Mexico to Cuba for medical consultation, as the local outlet Granma reported. Bolivia’s former Health Minister, Gabriela Montaño, reported that the MAS leader will be received by a Cuban medical team that had previously treated him.

In 2017, Morales was operated on by Cuban doctors who performed an intervention on his nostrils and, shortly after, on his knees. Morales’ stay will be temporary, as reported by the Foreign Affairs Secretary of Mexico, a country that offered political asylum to the socialist leader after the coup d’etat against him.

News reports indicate that after Cuba, Morales will head to Argentina from where it is expected he will be based after the departure of right wing President Macri. The incoming president Daniel Fernandez, taking office next Tuesday, has expressed that his government won’t recognize the coup government in Bolivia.

Featured image: Extraordinary MAS Assembly in Cochabamba. APG

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