UPDATED NOV11 1:30PM-BREAKING NEWS: Evo Morales Announces his Resignation (Coup d’Etat Consummated)

After several weeks of a coup d’etat promoted by right-wing factors after losing the presidential elections by more than 10%, President Evo Morales is just announcing at this moment on a TV broadcast he is submitting his resignation to the Bolivian Congress.

On twitter, right wing influencers have been spreading information about Evo Morales getting into the presidential plane and using it as evidence that he has left the country and is on his way to China.

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At the moment the exact location of the broadcast is not known but Vice -president Alvaro Garcia Linera also addressed the nation to say that he was submitting his resignation too.

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Sputnik correspondent in La Paz, Marco Teruggi reported that the Commander of Bolivia’s Armed Forces, Gen. Williams Kaliman, has requested President Evo Morale’s resignation in a press conference.

We will keep updating this post as the information flows continuous on this sad day for democracy.

Sunday, Nov 10 (20:25 Caracas time):

In the tweet below you will here the speech of Gen. Williams Kaliman “suggesting” Evo Morales “resign”, is not this a euphemism for Coup D’Etat?

A few minutes after Evo Morales TV addressed his resignation, Adriana Salvatierra, the head of Bolivia’s Senate also resigned. In the same fashion dozens of Evo Morales supporters and officials (mayors, governors, deputies, senators) have been doing under threats of violence.

For several days there have been small incidents of violence against the Cuban and Venezuelan embassies in La Paz, but after Evo Morales’ resignation the threat of terrorists actions have increased as can be seen on twitter.

It is also reported by Gabriela Montaño via her Twitter account that the armed forces and police intend to arrest President Morales. Mexico has offered him asylum, having already welcomed 20 members of his government.

Sunday, Nov 10, 9 p.m. (Caracas time)

Evo Morales posted to Twitter explaining his reasons for resigning.

Sunday Nov 10 9:50 p.m. (Caracas time)

Camacho confirms arrest order for Evo Morales.

Sunday Nov 10 11:30 p.m. (Caracas time)

General Williams Kaliman Romero, who propitiated the Coup “suggesting” Evo’s resignation, was Military attache in the US from 2013 to 2016 according to the Venezuelan news outlet “La Tabla”.

Repression and criminalization of Evo Morales supporters did not wait. They already captured the board of the Electoral Council in Bolivia. Racism and fascism are key to these abuses.

In La Paz right wing supporters vandalized Evo Morale’s house and burned some paintings.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a communique denouncing the Coup D’Etat and requesting the international community deplore this blatant break in Bolivia’s constitutional order.

“Using the resignation of Evo as an excuse is not enough because when you resign under threat the resignation is void,” an international expert said to OT.

The Bolivian people is realizing the magnitude of what is happening and have started to protest in the streets of La Paz demanding Evo’s return while Diosdado Cabello in Venezuela said that Evo Morales might go back to power as Hugo Chavez did during the US led Coup of 2002.

Monday Nov 11, 1:30 p.m. (Caracas time)

Alba countries rejected in a communique the coup d’etat against Evo Morales, demanded respect for civil rights and for the life of Evo Morales.

Mexico’s government did the same calling events in Bolivia the right way: a Coup d’Etat, and calling an emergency meeting of the OAS.

Meanwhile right wing extremists like Colombia’s Andres Pastrana called openly and in the most fascist way for Evo Morales assassination citing Mariano Ospina Perez: in times of dificulties have more value a dead president than a fugitive one. We are embedding the tweet but also an image because we know he will erase that tweet soon.

Screenshot at 13-26-16.jpg

Marco Teruggi reporting early this morning from downtown La Paz informed of a tense calm, of people preparing the mobilization and the coup plotters not knowing how to advance the coup plans.

A few minutes ago the same Argentinian journalist tweeted about people starting to go to the streets demanding Evo’s return and in parallel the head of La Paz police say that they will use force if needed to keep the peace. Interesting change of positions.






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