Chancellor Arreaza Calls the US “Farcical and Undemocratic” for Trying to Sabotage December 6 Parliamentary Elections

On Friday, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister, Jorge Arreaza, described the Trump regime, which intends to sabotage the parliamentary elections of December 6, as “farcical and undemocratic”.

Arreaza said in a message on his Twitter account that the Secretary of the US Department of State Mike Pompeo ordered a group of “crawling” countries to sign an extravagant and absurd interventionist statement written by Elliott Abrams, to undermine the Venezuelan parliamentary elections of December 6th.

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The diplomat’s response comes after Pompeo’s announcement to allegedly support the people of Venezuela in recovering their democracy.

The text was published in the official account of the US State Department, and in it they urge Venezuelans “to put the interests of Venezuela above political issues,” and activate an alleged electoral process that establishes a — not very constitutional — “transitional government ( …) as soon as possible.”

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In addition, they propose that in this unconstitutional situation a Supreme Court and a National Electoral Council, handpicked by the deputy in contempt and self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, should participate.

In this sense, they warn that if Venezuelans abide by their wishes, “all those countries that maintain economic sanctions” could “consider the possibility of canceling them in the context of the political advances that are achieved.”

The National Electoral Council (CNE) after updating, recording and auditing the data, counted 20,733,941 voters that make up the electoral roll for the 6D elections and will exercise their right to vote.

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