China Criticizes Venezuelan Opposition for Politicizing Coronavirus

“We suggest that some people also take the political virus seriously,” said China’s diplomatic headquarters in Venezuela.

The Chinese Embassy in Caracas on Thursday condemned the unfounded and arbitrary attacks against the Asian nation by some Venezuelan opposition deputies.

The diplomatic headquarters assured via its Twitter account that these politicians call Covid-19 “Coronavirus China” and “Coronavirus Wuhan”, incorrect terms that stigmatize their country. They also argue that China has withdrawn press accreditation from some US journalists as a response to the harassment of the US government against Chinese journalists in the US.

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In this regard, the Chinese Embassy said that its government “has never hidden the truth of the epidemic in any way and never will.”

“The openness, transparency and high responsibility of China, and its effective measures have been widely recognized by the international community,” said the diplomatic source. In addition, it referred to the growing discrimination and politically motivated oppression of the United States toward Chinese journalists.

“In February of this year, the US government designated five Chinese media outlets as ‘foreign missions’ and imposed a limit on the number of their employees, effectively expelling Chinese journalists from the United States,” they added.

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They also expressed their rejection of the ideological bias against China, the fake news made in the name of press freedom, and violations of the ethics of journalism.

On the issue of using the pandemic situation for political purposes, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro alerted about this March 12.

“This issue cannot be politicized, it requires world unity and that effective measures be taken on time,” he said.

Featured image: This March 19, the Wuhan region reported no cases of Covid-19. | Photo: Twitter @Emb_ChinaVen

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