Classes Begin in Venezuela Today Under the “Every Family a School” System

“This Wednesday, September 16, classes will begin in Venezuela with the ‘Every Family a School’ system, using remote, distance education system, using all forms of education,” announced President Nicolás Maduro.

Classes begin for Primary Education, Special Education and Initial Education from tomorrow, September 16. “The entire educational process for the restart of school activities in all universities in the country also starts,” said the head of state.

He added that the school year will begin also for 3,145,000 students in the country’s universities. “We have guaranteed a place for everyone!”

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Together with the Minister of Education, Aristóbulo Istúriz and the Minister of Higher Education, César Trómpiz, Maduro reported on the results of the survey carried out with the people before the restart of the new school year. He said that they held a meeting with education district chiefs and regional teams, student leaders were present through a video conference.

“80% support the proposal to go to distance classes, and improve the system. We have consulted with international organizations and we have different options, we are processing them,” said Minister Istúriz.

How is the family integrated to the classes?
President Maduro himself asked the question: how can the family be integrated into this process of distance classes, how to integrate the school into the family, he urged “Vive TV” to become “the super channel for education to teach remote classes.”

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Maduro reported that as of October 5, educational centers will be opened as Assistance Centers for parents, representatives and students can go to meet the teachers and conduct educational orientations and establish closer relationships, through social networks to establish classes online and live on educational TV. They will be governed by the 7 x 7 reopening scheme, respecting all the biosecurity protocols.

On October 5, when high school classes begin, these assistance systems will be started by the school appointment system, so that they can have a relationship with the teachers, with all the biosecurity measures, added President Maduro.

“This time we are starting the school year, children in the first grade of initial education and those in the first year will thus have the opportunity to meet their teachers and have pedagogical guidance, with parents or students. We must strengthen the teacher-student relationship,” said Minister Aristóbulo Istúriz.

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