Claudio Fermin: “They Have Offered too Many Lies to the Country”

This Friday the president of the party Solutions for Venezuela (SPV), Claudio Fermín, made a harsh criticism towards the sector of the Venezuelan opposition that is “engaged in denying reality.”

In an interview with the news portal Sumarium, the politician wanted to emphasize that “there is a fantasy opposition that believes that Nicolás Maduro is not president. To say that 20-M (last presidential race) did not happen in Venezuela is manipulation. It is known that we need a change of government but they lost that opportunity on 20-M,” he continued.

He pointed out that the same sector that opposes the government has created great expectations around the president of the National Assembly (AN) in contempt, Juan Guaidó. “The hangover and the frustration that will come when the country realizes within a month, two months, that Juan Guaidó was only president of the AN. You can not continue talking to the country with lies, we can not continue playing at the immediacy.”

In his view, these are the same expectations that they created with the protests of 2017 when the opposition supporters were promised that “with the guarimbas on every corner, blocking the streets, the government would disappear the next day, and that didn’t happen. After decreeing in the AN the absolute absence of the charge and nothing happened because it was a lie. Then they offered to the country that they were going to take him out in six months. They have offered many lies to the country,” he said.

Finally, he affirmed that, if these same politicians continue to promote abstention, they will continue to cause Chavismo’s triumphs.

To conclude, Fermín said that from his party they believe that “we Venezuelans have to separate the extremist sectors that the only thing they are selling is hatred, revenge, lynching. These sectors have to be set aside for the good of Venezuela.”

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/AR