CNE Conducts Data Audit to Certify Proper Voter Registration

The National Electoral Council (CNE) carried out the second phase of the electoral data audit on Tuesday, in order to certify that the voters who participated in the parliamentary elections were properly registered in the Electoral Registry (RE).

The information was released by the Electoral Council in its account on Twitter, in which it detailed that members and technicians of organizations with political purposes (political parties) participated in this process.

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“This is how the Phase II Electoral Data Audit was carried out today, December 15, where it’s certified that the voters belonged to the Electoral Registry and no one voted more than once. The technicians of the Organizations with Political Purposes signed the minutes in agreement,” wrote the CNE on the social media network, accompanied by images depicting the activity.

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Last Friday, the CNE carried out the second phase of the Citizen Verification Audit at Warehouse 3 in Fila de Mariches, Miranda state.

For this audit, 141 voting centers were selected and 211 boxes were opened, equivalent to 1% of the total of the 14,221 voting centers that were open on December 6.

The citizen verification audit, for which a manual count is carried out, consists of verifying that there’s no discrepancy between the ballots in the box and the Scrutiny Certificate generated by the machine.


Featured image: Photo courtesy of CNE.

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