CNE Launches Database and Electoral Registry Audits (Parliamentary Elections)

Caracas, July 17, 2020.- This Friday Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) began the first audit of the electoral database and registry, having as witnesses political organizations that will participate in the parliamentary elections on December 6, reported the president of the Subordinate Bodies of the governing body, Luis Piedra. He explained that by August 20 the offices of the Secretariat of the Regional Electoral Board will receive the observers of the parties, from 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon.

Corrections will be made from July 21 to 22; and on the 23rd the selection of the electoral poll members will be made for the electoral process to be held in December.

“The specific objectives are contemplated in carrying out all these activities, this database and electoral registry auditing and, on July 23, we make the selection of members of the subordinate organizations,” Piedra said in statements broadcasted by Venezuelan TV channel (VTV).

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He added that during this process, 24 regional boards, 335 municipal boards, 71 parish elections and 30,896 tables (polling centers) will be chosen.

“For each table (electoral polling center) we select 30 voters; Right now the electoral registry is open (for registrations and adjustments of residence) until July 26, and the number of voters may increase at the Registry and exceed the number of 30, so we will do a complementing draw, once the electoral registry closes, and we will do the cross with today’s selection,” added Piedra.

He specified that the representatives of political organizations will be notified and invited to the selection process as witnesses, each regional board will have 18 members made up of a president, a secretary, 12 alternate members and four main members.

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In addition, for each regional electoral board six people will be activated in positions as president, four principal members and a secretary, the organization being odd because they are the ones who make decisions about the admission or rejection of a nomination. For purposes of deliberation decision-making, it needs to be odd, he said.

In the case of the electoral tables (polling centers), they are made up of a president, two main members, a secretary, eight alternate members and the remainder of 18 reserve members. “That was raised due to the fact that many times the table members do not show and, these are incorporated as accidental members at the tables. This will happen on December 4 with the installation at 8:00 in the morning throughout the country,” he said.

Piedra said that to date all the phases of the electoral plan, the approval of the electoral board plan, approval of the CNE, the filtering and revision of data, the call and recently, the audit have been completed.

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