Conclusion to Second Week of Automated Voting System’s Comprehensive Audit—21N Venezuela’s Regional Elections

On Friday June 25, Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) completed the second week of the Comprehensive Audit of the Venezuelan Automated Voting System, which began last Monday, June 14, in preparation for the regional and municipal mega-elections that will take place on Sunday, November 21, the electoral body reported through its Twitter account @cneesvzla.

A spokesperson for the group of academic experts—participants in the process alongside representatives of all political parties—considered the assessment to be progressing as planned.

Likewise, they complimented the high technical level of the applications and software, while pointing out that their observations and suggestions, all oriented towards best practices in the computer area, have been favorably received by the technical staff conducting this activity.

Photo: CNE

The spokesperson also reported that, according to a group decision by the ten experts carrying out the audit, they plan to request tests in addition to those provided in the agenda, as a reinforcement or complement to the inspection work that was entrusted to them.

Photo: CNE

The objective of this audit, part of the electoral program, is to ensure the degree of confidence that must prevail in each of the phases of the elections, in which people exercise their right to vote to elect governors, mayors, parliamentarians for the legislative councils, and alderpersons for city councils.

The implementation of the Comprehensive Audit of the Automated Voting System will be an important step for the country, despite the questions from different areas of society, highlighted the head of the Electoral Power, Pedro Calzadilla, regarding the start of the additional tests: “We have advanced to add this new audit to the 16 audits that we did before, during and after the voting process.”

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Photo: CNE

He added: “We trust that this activity will help consolidate these spaces for encounter and understanding that have led to many political decisions, including the appointment of new National Electoral Council authorities who are just beginning to assume their functions.”


Featured image: CNE headquarters. File photo.

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