Lee Camp Reveals Falsity of US ‘Evidence‘ Against Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab (Video)

US comedian, actor, analyst and news presenter Lee Camp revealed the falsity of the money laundering accusations against Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab in his political satire news program Redacted Tonight, broadcast on RT America.

“After being pressured by the US, the Swiss government looked into these allegations of money laundering, and after a two year-investigation found none,” said Camp. ”So Alex Saab has been held in an African jail for a year, essentially being tortured so that the US can try to crush a country that it doesn’t like.”

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In this regard, Lee Camp asserted that the main objective is to attack Venezuela because “Venezuela is socialist, that is gross, and they give their oil profits to the people instead of a tiny handful of rich douchebags—that’s like double gross!”

Camp, who is also a prominent activist, recalled that a year ago Ambassador Saab was kidnapped in Cape Verde, while he was on his way to Iran to carry out efforts—as Venezuela’s special diplomatic envoy—to purchase fuel, food and medicine for the Venezuelan people, as part of a humanitarian mission to circumvent illegal sanctions imposed by the US government against Venezuela.

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In Camp’s words, ”Saab conducted perfectly legal international trade, but his circumventing the US sanctions which are designed to prevent relief to the Venezuelans is considered by Washington to be money laundering.”

The US presenter also pointed out that, while in Venezuela food is distributed to families through the CLAP, a ”very successful program to make sure every one of their citizens is fed,” in the US ”we arrest people for feeding the hungry and then put them in prison where tax dollars pay to feed the newly arrested people. So it is kind of cyclical, kind of like a snake eating its own tail,” he commented.

Finally, Camp criticized the megalomaniac stance of the US government in forcing another country to arrest a foreign diplomat and trying to extradite him from said country, ”but everyone has to realize that we own the world,” he added ironically.


Featured image: US comedian, analyst and news presenter Lee Camp. File photo.


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