Conviasa Inaugurates Air Route Between Moscow and Caracas

The inaugural flight of the air route between Moscow and Caracas by the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Air Services SA (Conviasa) was completed this Monday, May 3, to promote tourism and commercial exchange between Russia and Venezuela.

The information was released by the Venezuelan Minister for Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón, through his Twitter account @Alipadron6. He also stated that the first flight of the Caracas-Moscow Route arrived with “90 Russian Tour Operators, including journalists, influencers, and investors.”

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This route is the result of one of the agreements that Russia and Venezuela signed in their last joint commission meeting.

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The direct flight, scheduled at two week intervals, seeks to promote cooperation and commercial exchange between both nations.

The route also represents one of the new commercial opportunities included in the Venezuelan state consortium. Conviasa already has international flights to Bolivia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Iran, some of these restricted due to COVID-19 concerns.


Featured image: Conviasa jet arriving at the Simón Bolívar airport serving Caracas. File photo.

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