* Cuba and Venezuela, Allied for Health

The arrival in Venezuela of 218 medical specialists trained in Cuba under the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement between the two countries was appreciated in Venezuela as a substantial contribution to the construction of the unique public health system proposed in the First Revolutionary Congress of this kind, celebrated last August.

Yanet Torrealba Cordero, deputy director of the General Directorate of Research and Education in the Ministry of Popular Power for Health (MPPS) of Venezuela, told the Cuban press the satisfaction that “these comrades from all over the country trained in Revolution for the area of health will improve attention and at the same time become leaders in service centers and replicate their experience to train people ».

Also responsible for the Specialist Training Project within the Comprehensive Cuba-Venezuela Cooperation Agreement added that, although not all the needs are yet settled, this step means strengthening the system with the required talent, a demand initiated by President Chávez.

“Our brothers in Cuba have been strategic allies for our health network, both in the medical training of General Practitioners (MGI) and these specialists,” he added.

The MPPS official affirmed that another 155 Venezuelan doctors must complete their training as specialists in Cuba in 2020, a guarantee for the country considering the strengths of Cuban medical teaching: “Their experience in the missions, their experience in the Revolution, in a different system of equity and equality, not mercantilist but social,” he said to conclude: “We want those doctors!”

After receiving one of the three flights of the day, Dr. Fernando González Isla, head of the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela, said that in these years they were received in Cuba as brothers and inserted in the different universities, mainly the center and the West of the country, to which were added the institutes and large hospital institutions.

“More than 24,000 community doctors have been trained here, but in addition to them and specialists in Comprehensive General Medicine, Venezuela needs doctors of the so-called second specialties, in hospitals and primary care, which joins to the preventative program of family medicine for a better job,” explained González Isla.

The graduates, who already have work placement in the network of public institutions in the country, were trained in the 30 specialties most demanded by the Venezuelan people, among them Anesthesiology, Surgery, Trauma, Pathological Anatomy and Dermatology, to name a few.

“As in Cuba, the teaching process is present all over the medical training in Venezuela. Therefore, these specialists will play a service and at the same time continue to prepare the specialists of their institutions. Together with them will be our teaching teams and teachers, integrated with Barrio Adentro III, in hospitals, where this program will have a positive impact, “said the head of the Medical Mission.

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Translated by JRE

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