CNE: More than 90% of the Voting Tables in the country are open: Studies are being made to reschedule in Gran Sabana municipality (+ Video)

Ninety percent of the country’s voting centers are already activated for the municipal council elections this Sunday, said the Chair of the National Electoral Council (CNE) Socorro Hernández, speaking to “Venezolana de Televisión” before 10:00 in the morning . In this regard, she noted that the national board of the National Electoral Council (CNE) is studying the possibility of rescheduling the electoral process in the Gran Sabana municipality of Bolívar state, due to a particular situation.

“We are in a 94% installation of the voting tables and voting centers by 90%. There is a protocol established to solve when a board member can not attend the voting station, “said Hernández. She noted that Delta Amacuro, Bolivar and Amazonas have experienced delays in opening due to communication failures.

“We are studying the reprogramming of the election of the Gran Sabana municipality, it is the only municipality that has problems,” said the chair. In said municipality, according to unofficial information, there was an armed confrontation this Saturday on facts apparently related to the mining exploitation, which left a person deceased from the Pemón people.

Hernandez reminded that a small group of international accompaniers of the Council of Latin American Electoral Experts (Cela) and journalists will observe the development of the municipal elections.

The chair called on all the people to exercise their right to vote as a guarantee of sovereignty and democracy. “The CNE works for 100% of the electorate, it is an investment that the State makes to consolidate democracy,” she confirmed.

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Translated by JRE

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