Did the US Meddle in Venezuelan Internal Affairs -Again-?

Caracas, Jan 6th, 2020 (Orinoco Tribune).- In the middle of a very confusing scenario caused by a strong security scheme set to forbid the access of deputies barred from voting by Venezuelan Supreme Court, yesterday a new Executive Board for the National Assembly (AN) was elected and voted in with the legal quorum. Anti-Chavista deputy Luis Parra was chosen as the new AN president with 30 opposition dissident deputies joining the Chavista bench in a blow to the US promoted regime change operation.

On its twitter account, the Orinoco Tribune denounced US “preventive” meddling in the voting when media outlets in Venezuela made public information about Under Secretary for Western Heispheric Affairs, Michel G. Kozak, threatening deputies to “vote right” or prepare themselves to face US sanctions. It was described as a clear evidence of the US meddling in Venezuelan internal affairs but also was seen as evidence that Guaido (and the White House) lacked the votes needed to re-elect him as leader of the AN.

The previous day, Kozak had filled his timeline with unproven allegations that President Maduro was bribing opposition deputies or politically prosecuting them. No evidence has been shown (no audio clip or video) to support the alleged bribery or threats.

When talking about political prosecution, it should be remembered that in 2019 at least 5 coup d’etat attempts were recorded, led by Guaido and his cronies with US support, not to mention the assassination attempt on President Maduro in 2018. All these events have had the participation of anti-Chavista deputies who counted on their parliamentary immunity to avoid prosecution.

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Juan Guaido’s defeat on Sunday, January the 5th, startled Washington because they never counted on a rebellion among anti-Chavismo even though Chavismo is still a minority within the Venezuelan National Assembly.

Washington did not wait but instructed their puppets in Venezuela to run to the headquarters of “El Nacional” (a right wing newspaper) and hold an improvised session, violating all legal rules of assembly for the AN, including the illegal “remote” votes (that no one saw) of more that 30 deputies living abroad while evading Venezuelan justice.

The fact is that present were only fewer than 70 deputies which meant the already illegal session lacked a quorum.

Under those circumstances, Juan Guaido proclaimed himself (very similar to 2019) AN president and as usual the US apparatus and MSM (partners in crime) started their campaign calling him the “re-elected AN president”.

Later on Sunday, President Nicolas Maduro rejected the blatant US meddling and even referred to anti-Chavista deputies receiving calls directly from US officials. He called for a strong diplomatic response from the Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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The last event in this latest round of US aggression against Venezuela’s ‘resolve to be independent”, as expressed by Oscar Figuera, Secretary General of the Venezuelan Communist Party, was a press conference held by Elliott Abrams today in Washington.

An expected new round of sanctions has not yet been announced.

Abrams most relevant information presented was the statements of Argentinian and Mexican MFA critics of the chaos in which Luis Parra’s election occurred next to Abrams’ congratulations for Gaudo’s “re-election”

A tweet from OAS, Luis Almagro, one of the best State Department workers, was also visible on twitter on Sunday night.

Juan Guaido’s interim presidency was a blatant defeat for the US and yesterday’s last minute move makes it even more awkward because he broke all decorum to declare himself AN President. Today the world saw Luis Parra taking control of his office as new president of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

Reports indicate that first ordinary meeting in the National Assembly -tomorrow- will be busy as anti-Chavismo will promote a new circus to feed the MSM narrative.

Whenever US meddling in Venezuelan internal affairs arises as a topic, (something that happens regularly), the issue of MSM coverage of alleged Russian meddling in US elections comes up in our mind, too, with its selective outrage for alleged Russian meddling but blindness to the US observable one.




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