Electricity Service Gradually Restored in Venezuela (Blackout Act III)

Users of social networks and authorities of the Venezuelan capital reported on the gradual restoration of electric service in the city of Caracas as well as in areas of Miranda state in northern Venezuela following a new massive power outage in the South American nation.

The massive power outage in Venezuela this Friday would be the third recorded in the course of a week.

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The mayor of Caracas , Erika Farías, said at 3:00 am through her twitter account that it was possible to partially restore the electric service in 22 areas of the Venezuelan capital.

On the other hand the governor of Miranda state, Héctor Rodríguez, reported that the recovery of the electrical power in zones of the area that form part of the metropolitan region of ​​the Venezuelan capital, likewise revealed that there were active contingency plans to attend to the population of Caracas.

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This would be the third massive electric power cut in Venezuela in the course of this week, the new interruption of the electric service occurred at 19:00 local time affecting the capital city and at least 20 Venezuelan states, as found by the local media.


Source URL: Alba Ciudad
Translated by JRE/EF

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