Electricity Slowly Being Restored in Venezuela (Videos + Images)

Today the electricity has been restored in parts of Caracas around 11:33 am and regular life is being resumed by Venezuelans affected by this second nationwide blackout in less than 3 weeks.

The Governor of Miranda State, Hector Rodiguez gave an update informing about the levels of restoration in his state.

Yesterday Venezuela experienced a second round of electric sabotage in two parts, the first at 1:30 pm and the second and most lengthy at 9:55 pm that was just solved in most parts of Caracas at 11:33 am of Tuesday the 26th of March. Between 5:00 am and 6:00 am there was a short electricity restoration that is worth mentioning.

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Meanwhile most of the water service and internet service was affected by the lack of electricity and Venezuelans move around Caracas looking for the right spot to get Mobil data coverage as can be seen in this tweet:

Venezuelan authorities presented in the early hours of Tuesday evidence of the causes of this new electric event and the Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodriguez, has given a detailed report. But no information has been provided about the cause of the fire and who is responsible in a location highly secured by military forces.

At 4 o’clock in the morning, the vice-president of Communication informed the public, in a telephone contact with the State radio stations Radio Nacional de Venezuela), that the National Electric System “suffered two devious terrorist attacks at the hands of the violent” in order to transmit anxiety to the population, in the framework of a plan to try to depose President Nicolás Maduro, which has run since January 23, when the US government recognized deputy Juan Guaidó as self-proclaimed “interim president”.

The Minister of Communication indicated that “the criminals generated a fire in the 765 KVA yard of Guri, with the malicious intention of permanently damaging the generation and transmission of electricity.”


“When the patio and the transmission routes were scorched, the terrorists achieved their goal that the generation and transmission machines would go down, creating the blackout,” explained the Minister. “The right has no limits to its ambition and homicidal desire”.

He wrote to conclude : “But here is a people, a people’s president, a dignity multiplied. In record time the electric service is recovering, the power is coming to the capital, all the night the firemen fought the fire until suffocating it completely at 8:45 am on Tuesday.

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  • Rodriguez reported that the first attack on the electrical system occurred on Monday at 1:29 in the afternoon, causing a loss of load. However, the measures implemented by the Corpoelec workers and approved by President Maduro allowed a quick recovery of the system. “We reached, from 7 o’clock at night, the highest values ​​of generation by the National Electric System since the terrorist attack on March 7, behaving in a robust and harmonious manner.”
  • However, at 9:47 p.m., a new attack occurred, “when criminal hands caused a major fire in the transmission yard of the Guri “, affecting three autotransformers and all the necessary wiring for transmission purposes.

He stressed that “an event of this nature had never been attempted in the history of the Venezuelan Electric System, and leaves in evidence the absence of limits of these terrorists protected by the vaults of warmongers that make up the military, financial and media framework of the supremacists that today they exercise power in the United States of America and aspire to hegemonize the world’s geopolitical dominion.”

In his statements, he also reported that academic and work activities were suspended for 24 hours while recovering the electrical system.

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