Fourth Iranian Tanker the Faxon Already in Venezuelan Waters

Caracas, May 27, 2020 ( The fourth tanker belonging to an Iranian flotilla was sent by the Islamic Republic of Iran to ease the dramatic gasoline shortages affecting millions of Venezuelans for the last two months due to a tightening of US sanctions.

The “Faxon” was spotted by the Orinoco Tribune team using the website at 8:58pm (Caracas time) north of Peninsula de Paria, Sucre State (north east Venezuela).

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Screenshot at 21-02-05
Iranian tanker Faxon (inside dotted square) spotted by just north of Sucre state.,

The third Iranian tanker, Petunia is at this time about to dock in the “El Palito” refinery near Valencia, Carabobo state. This tanker was key for Venezuelan officials because it brought enough additives needed to allow Venezuela to resume refining its own gasoline for several years.

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US illegal sanctions have been strengthened in the last months, precluding Venezuela from buying gasoline, additives or parts needed to keep its refineries in good shape and to keep producing gasoline.

area maritima vzla
Iranian tanker Faxon (inside dotted square) spotted by just north of Sucre state.

The next Iranian tanker, Clavel is heading to Venezuela and is expected to enter Venezuela in 24-48 hours.