GPP Proposes 12 Laws for the New Venezuelan National Assembly – Communal State

This Thursday the Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, listed the proposed laws that will be in national consultation and that will promote the new National Assembly as of January 5, 2021. The information was presented during a meeting with the candidates of the Gran Polo Patriótico Simón Bolívar (GPP) to the National Assembly, where he advanced the content of the twelve proposals for legal tools to be discussed, debated and approved by the people in the new National Parliament.

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  1. Family Protection Law: its objective is to protect the family, its harmony and the development of its happiness, potential and rights, with a life free of violence especially against children and women.
  2. Law of the right to recreation: its objective is to guarantee the rights of the Venezuelan family, especially the youth, to recreation, and to guarantee the responsibility of all government bodies to generate artistic, cultural and sports policies that allow the exercise of these rights.
  3. Law of the Future for Sustainable Development and Care of the Environment: Its objective is to underpin the new model of ecological and sustainable development for the future, establishing guidelines for the protection of the environment and natural resources, as well as the duties and responsibilities of society, the State and the private sector in guaranteeing the future of this for future generations. Recycling will play a key role in this law.
  4. Entrepreneurship Law: its objective is to promote support and backing for new productive, scientific and technological initiatives that are the basis of a sustainable and innovative economy. It will establish the bases of public policies and the necessary incentives for entrepreneurship to form a fundamental part of the Productive Venezuela plan.
  5. Law of the digital economy: its objective is to promote the most diverse forms of digital economic exchange that ensure the rights, duties and necessary incentives for both users and companies.
  6. Care System Law: aims to establish policies, mechanisms and conditions for the protection and care of people in a situation of dependency who require special and specialized care, as well as to guarantee the rights and social security of the people who are engaged in caring work.
  7. Water Law: This law will adapt to the new times of the world and the country all the regulations applicable to water reserves, as well as to the entire chain of water provision as a right and as an essential public service for life.
  8. Gas Law: Its objective is to generate the entire framework of rights, duties and conditions for the provision of gas service to the entire population, as well as the economic and social organization scheme that will be the basis for the permanent improvement of this service.
  9. Law to simplify and make the operation of the Public Administration transparent: This law aims to promote a transformation in the Public Administration at all levels, emphasizing the rights of citizens and the continuous improvement and attention to its procedures, thus it will establish the rules for simplifying them and also the guidelines to make all phases of public management transparent.
  10. Law against violence and cruel treatment of animals: This law aims to establish the rights of animals, as well as the duties of the population in relation to the care and protection of animals. The law will also establish a framework of fines and penalties to encourage compliance.
  11. Communal Cities Law: this law aims to establish communes as cities in which the projects of all and all are materialized, in sustainable harmony with the environment and with full use of their productive potential. Cities for life and for people in which the popular organization assumes full leadership and shows the world that a humanistic, supportive and sustainable city is possible.
  12. Communal Parliament Law: its objective is to establish the norms for the development and functioning of the parliament of the communes, their competences, rights and duties before the commune and before the State, in addition to the mechanisms to integrate them, as well as the forms of participation of the organized people, in all its dynamics.

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Maduro stressed that the new National Assembly must draft, consult and approve the Law of Communal Cities and the Communal Parliament. He recalled that “we have proposed that, by June 24, 2021 (date of the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo) the installation of 200 Communal Cities in Venezuela will begin, with the authority of the Communal Councils and Communes.”

For this purpose, it is required that this Law exist and in this way consolidate the empowerment of Popular Power. “I give you, the candidates of the GPP, this proposal to build this legal instrument together with the people and bases.”

In the same way, he stated that the Law of Communal Parliament must be debated and approved. “It is a reality and there are parliamentarians in the Communes, and this requires a legal framework, and it will be up to the new National Assembly elected on December 6th to consult with thousands and thousands of leaders to implement this Law” said the president in a TV broadcast.

He pointed out that among the objectives is the integration of the functions of the National Assembly with the communal parliamentarians; “in a single vision of the Communal State, the rule of law and justice,” he concluded.

Dialogue processes
Maduro affirmed that he is willing to recognize the new National Assembly (AN) and participate in all dialogue processes that originate from the Legislative Power. “When the National Assembly is installed, it should promote a great national dialogue with all the political parties, all the deputies, the social and economic forces of the country, and they should summon me, I’m willing to attend to and accept all the consensuses that arise from a broad national dialogue, inclusive of all sectors of national life” he stated.

The Head of State assured that the Legislative Power will become the political epicenter of national life, for which he urged Venezuelans to participate in the upcoming elections on December 6.

The dignitary has reiterated on several occasions that in Venezuela all legal, technical and technological guarantees are given so that the process is carried out with transparency.


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