Jorge Arreaza: Coup Plot Sympathizers Become Accomplices

Chancellor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza said Thursday that those governments that sympathize with protagonists of the failed attempted coup of April 30 against President Nicolas Maduro, become accomplices.

The statements are made after a group of right – wing countries spoke about the detention of the deputy to the National Assembly in contempt, Edgar Zambrano , whose parliamentary immunity was lifted on Tuesday for his open and notorious participation in the coup attempt last Tuesday, which left a total of five dead and 233 detainees across the country.

Through his Twitter account, Arreaza said “Those governments that are in solidarity with coup leaders, become accomplices in the unconstitutional military uprising of April 30. In their own legislation, sedition and military rebellion are also serious crimes. Those responsible must assume the consequences before the law.

He also reiterated that those responsible for the action in which a small group of soldiers and officials of the Sebin participated must face whatever the justice system of the country determines.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister emphasized on several occasions that the United States Government (USA) is planning and executing the coup d’état against the Bolivarian Revolution.

In another tweet he said, “Who understands the government of Spain? Yesterday its chancellor affirmed that on April 30 there was a clear attempt of military coup and today his own government condemns that the laws are fulfilled and that the authors and protagonists of that military coup are prosecuted by the justice system.”

He also cites a message from the official account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain, in which they describe the legal actions applied to officials who participated in the coup d’état as “repressive”.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad
Translated by: EF