Jorge Rodriguez on PCV and PPT Joining PSUV: I Have Been in Meetings – Apart from Mistakes, We Have Always Been Generous with Allies

“I have been in many meetings with sectors allied to the revolution,” said the minister for Communications Jorge Rodríguez, who, after having overcome Covid-19, offered an interview to the journalist Ernesto Villegas.

Referring specifically to the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and Patria Para Todos (PPT), Rodríguez recalled that the political strategy in the face of the parliamentary elections would be, as in the past, to make an amalgam of the parties related to the revolution.

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“Beyond the mistakes we have made with the allies, we have always very generous with the allies of the revolution, in the pursuing of the formation of a great historical bloc,” he said.

The PCV — he continued — has chosen in the past to take on a candidate from Chavismo who has not been favored with a candidacy to try to subtract votes from the Great Patriotic Pole, however, it has not succeeded because people do not connect with that.

Beyond the errors of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Rodríguez said, they have always tried to keep the unity within the National Assembly within the Great Patriotic Pole, however it is President Nicolás Maduro who is fighting against imperialism, invasion attempts, a pandemic and assassination attempts.

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“Refusing to belong to a historical bloc that is facing the most aggressive empire that has known the history of mankind, the most supremacist government that has been known in the history of the United States, (…) refusing due to miscalculations, looking for another seat, looking to make gains out of these complicated times?” he asked.

He pointed out that this is not the first time that this has happened. Previously, these parties “which are now the leaders of the division” supported “PSUV candidates who were not favored in the internal campaign but opportunistically tried to subtract votes from the PSUV.”

‘People are not stupid, people know what we are dealing with. Who is decisively confronted by the imperial hegemon? Nicolás Maduro. (…) not Figuera, or Uzcátegui,” he added, referring to the presidents of the aforementioned parties who are not facing difficulties as the national government led by Nicolas Maduro is.

Featured image: Journalist and minister of culture, Ernesto Villgas, interviewing Jorge Rodriguez on August 30, 2020.

(La IguanaTV)

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