Mary Pili Hernández: It is Time for Some PSUV Militant to Ask the TSJ for an Ad Hoc Board

Former Venezuelan Minister of Youth and still active PSUV militant, Mary Pili Hernández, suggested this Friday through her Twitter account to the PSUV militants to request an Ad Hoc directive from the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ).

“As the TSJ is intervening the parties due to a lack of internal democracy, it is time for some PSUV militant to request an Ad Hoc directive be appointed, because since Chávez died in the PSUV no elections have been held. But it has to be now, to register new candidates! ” Hernández wrote.

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She also criticized the Democratic Action (AD) party for having expelled the governor of Táchira Lady Gómez . “For doing what every “adeco” (AD militant) should do: go to elections and win them, as she (Lady Gomez) did in the state of Táchira!”, said the former minister.

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A big debate have been raised in Venezuela in recent weeks due to TSJ decisions announcing ad-hoc boards for some political parties where some of its militants have file legal complaints against the own party authorities.

From the right, Accion Democratica, Primero Justicia, Un Nuevo Tiempo, Bandera Roja and Compromiso Pais, and from the left PPT, and Tupamaros, have been affected by these decisions. Some analyst said this might put at risk the December 6th electoral process due to the negative effect of this decisions (specially the most recent ones) in the deadlines to enroll candidates.


Featured image: Mary Pili Hernandez voting in the 2015 parliamentary elections when she ran as PSUV candidate. File photo.

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