Massacre in Barinas Against Revolutionary Militants (Peasant Movement)

The Revolutionary Current Bolívar and Zamora and the Popular Defense Brigades Hugo Chávez want to denounce before the country and the world the murder of six comrades of our movements by an armed group not yet identified, presumably mercenaries paid by sectors of the landowner’s right.

The “companerxs” killed were: Eudes Yorkley Rojas, CI 17357016, Manuel J. Cordero Benítez CI 27628648, Alexi Ontiveros Mora CI 26928273, Eudes Rojas Peña, CI 2051746, Kevin Navas Rodríguez CI 23007086 and Milaidy Navas González.

The events occurred on Saturday, July 27 at 10:30 am in the Km 12 sector of the agricultural penetration road of the Ticoporo Reserve of the Sucre municipality in Barinas state (east of Venezuela), where the camarades belonging to the BDP were repairing a motorcycle.

Milaidy Navas

Eudes Yorkley Rojas

Kevin Navas

The modus operandi allows to infer that the cowardly attack was carried out by a team with military training, presumably composed of elements of Colombian paramilitarism, former Venezuelan police and common crime.

It should be remembered that in recent days the so-called Venezuelan Self-Defense Forces have attacked FANB military units and, systematically, threatening the security forces and Chavista militants. This as part of the imperial intervention plans on our homeland. Reports that the operation has been directed by a woman with a Colombian accent gives us the ground to affirm the above.

#LaCorriente and the BDPHCH, request the greatest speed in the investigations that will lead to the clarification of the facts and the punishment of the material and intellectual responsibles. We rely on the capabilities of our judicial investigation bodies, but we will maintain a struggle by denouncing and mobilizing to request that these murders do not go unpunished.

We tell the murderers that we will not be intimidated, that as people we are humanly vulnerable, but spiritually we are ironically conformed by what our people have always been, a brave and irreducible people. In any field you will find us standing and determined. Do not expect clemency if you act cowardly and painfully. The Bolivarian justice arm is long and always does justice.

We send our solidarity to the relatives of the fallen comrades in these hard times. In the midst of deep pain, be proud that your loved ones fell as patriots, as revolutionaries. They were not bandits. They will be eternally martyrs of this people, militants of a noble cause in which they believed and for which they offered their lives.

Honor and glory to our brothers and our sister, fallen. They will always be present in our hearts and thoughts, in every battle and day of struggle. We will know how to be worthy of your sacrifice and with you we will always go to victory.

Bolívar y Zamora National Revolutionary Current Coordination


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Translated by JRE

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