New Economic Sectors Join 7+7 Reopening Scheme in Venezuela

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced this Sunday that new sectors will join the 7+7 reopening scheme. “We are going to make other sectors more flexible as of tomorrow, October 19.”

In the commercial sector, the following are to be newly incorporated:

  • furniture stores,
  • piñatería (party stores),
  • general stores,
  • candy stores,
  • jewelers,
  • pawn shops,
  • florists,
  • vivariums,
  • perfumeries,
  • liquor stores.

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In the tourism sector, the following are to be incorporated into the reopening scheme:

  • bed and breakfasts, and hotels,
  • beaches and spas,
  • clubs,
  • amusement and theme parks,
  • cable cars,
  • public places in open spaces,
  • public events in open spaces,
  • drive-ins cinemas
  • outdoor activities.

In terms of public services and strategic organizations, the following services are included with the reopening of their customer service offices:

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  • INTT (vehicle registration),
  • SAIME (id and passports),
  • SUNDDE (price controllers),
  • SENCAMER (measurement  and weight controllers),
  • Corpoelec (electricity utility),
  • CANTV (phone, internet and dish TV utility).

The head of State stressed that “these measures are taken in preparation for Christmas, while reiterating that the “Pernil Plan” (pork leg delivery plan within CLAP) will be accomplished this year with 100% national production, and toys will be guaranteed for the boys and girls of the country.”

The Head of State acknowledged this at the end of a week of conscious, voluntary and radical quarantine as part of the Venezuelan 7+7 reopening method, successfully flattening the curve in the fight against COVID-19,  that “this scheme has worked very well, so the week of flexibility begins this Monday.”

“I hope that everything goes well in the 7+7 Plus with this new flexibility, but nobody can lower their guard. We cannot sing Victory, happiness is taking care of ourselves until we achieve immunity,” he added, inviting Venezuelans to enjoy the reopening week but to respect all sanitary and social distancing protocols.

Finally, President Nicolás Maduro urged the Minister of National Commerce to be attentive of the commercial sector in order to avoid speculation and protect the people against price spikes during the Christmas season.


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