One Year after Defeat of Operation Gideon, Heroism of Chuao’s Militia Recognized

Governor of Aragua, Rodolfo Marco Torres, presented decorations to militia and police officers of Chuao, who a year ago took the lead in capturing a group of mercenaries on the coast of Aragua. The mercenaries were embarked on a terrorist plot—Operation Gideon—launched from Colombia and promoted by the US government, with the goal of destroying critical infrastructure and kidnapping or assassinating the president of Venezuela.

The group of citizens and policemen were recognized by the people as the “warriors of Chuao,” and awarded the Order of Santiago Mariño in recognition of their bravery and effectiveness, despite their lack of adequate weapons or resources to face the challenge.

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The governor highlighted the heroism of those who prevented bloodshed and blocked the ouster of the constitutional government of Venezuela, defending the sovereignty and independence of the country.

Marco Torres asserted that the history of Venezuela will recall the courage of the people of Chuao, who showed their morality and loyalty, qualifying them as “worthy heirs of Bolívar and Chávez.”

The civic-military union, in addition to a militia that has strengthened and grown significantly in recent years, are the key elements in the defense strategy of the Bolivarian Revolution.


Featured image: Marco Torres recognized militia and police officers that repelled Operation Gideon on May 2020. Photo courtesy of Ultimas Noticias.

(Ultimas Noticias) by Maria Elena Castillo, with Orinoco Tribune content.

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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