Orinoco Tribune’s Deep Gratitude to Elizabeth Ferrari – Looking for Volunteer Proofreaders

Caracas, October 1, 2020 (orinocotribune.com).- Orinoco Tribune is a Venezuelan independent news outlet that has become a reference for those around the world seeking to have daily updated information in the English language about Venezuela, made by Chavista Venezuelans. In less than two years we have been able to be ranked better than Telesur English, and by the end of the year we hope to be neck to neck with The GrayZone, one of the best progressive investigative journalism websites.

Orinoco Tribune has accomplished this due to our rigorous curating and by providing accurate and up to date information, mostly about Venezuela but also about the hemisphere, the Middle East and beyond. Constancy, quality and hard work are also part of the values we nurture and above that we have also an active presence in twitter, facebook and instagram.

A big part of our success is the work of Elizabeth Ferrari, our co-editor and proofreader, who for almost 18 month checked the translation mistakes made by our editor. She worked 24/7, on a volunteer basis, due to the lack of resources we suffer from. Orinoco Tribune decided not to rely on ads to generate revenue, does not receive funding from the Venezuelan government or from any other government and our main source of income comes from our reader donations.

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Elizabeth Ferrari has decided to say goodby to Orinoco Tribune and we believe that having a better level of donations might have prevented her departure. This is why we will launch in the coming days a campaign to encourage our readers, our contributors and everyone to support us, putting more emphases in the Patreon platform because it provide more certainty in terms of frequency of donations and also could be used as a news distribution platform in the case our website is taken down.

We plan to reconfigure our Patreon plans and to start posting on the platform that now accepts payments in several international currencies.

We do not have enough compliments and words to thank Elizabeth for her invaluable help and we are sure she always be around because she is a Chavista at heart. But we know one can not live out of air. Our dream is to someday have enough revenue to hire her properly, but for that we believe we should triple the current level of donations we have.


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Thus, Orinoco Tribune will be very affected in the coming days on the quality of our translation because our editor speaks English but not at the expert level required to keep our high quality standards. Because of that we want to invite/beg all our readers to spread the news about our need to find good revolutionaries, with an excellent English level capable of becoming our next proofreaders, on a voluntary basis.

We believe that having 2 proofreaders working in weekly shifts (one each week) would make their load less energy consuming.
For this work we believe that our prospective volunteer should know that we will need him or her to dedicate 30 minutes of proofreading at night (Caracas time) and 60 minutes in the morning, Monday through Sunday. With the promise of having a week of rest in the case we find two volunteers.

No previous experience is necessary, but we will define a proof term (30 days) to evaluate the volunteer performance. It will be great if the applicants have experience using WordPress, are bilingual (Spanish-English) and have proofreading experience, but this should not be a requirement for applying.

We strongly encourage you to write a thank you note in our twitter, facebook and instagram accounts for Elizabeth Ferrari’s incredible work and we also want to ask you to help us spread the word about our need of volunteer proofreaders and of donations using Patreon.


Featured image: Angostura bridge over the Orinoco river. File photo courtesy of La IguanaTV.




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