Pence’s Talking Points in Bogota Yesterday (with Counterarguments)

“Colombia is our most important partner in the region and any threat to its sovereignty and security will face the determination of the United States,” warned United States Vice President Mike Pence on Monday, February 25.

This statement was made by the US official during the meeting called by the self-appointed Lima Group in Bogotá, capital of Colombia, to announce new actions on Venezuela.

Here is a summary  -with OT counterarguments- of Pence’s most important phrases during the meeting with the representatives of the self-appointed regional bloc, they serve as a route map for what the US empire is planning against Venezuela:

  • Delinquents trained in Cuba, hooded, referred to as collectives, fired freely at the Venezuelan people, where more than 300 people were injured.
    • Maybe he refers to Venezuela Militia men and women that mobilized to the border to protect the fatherland from the evident foreign aggression promoted by the US.
  • We announced an additional 56 million dollars to serve Venezuelans displaced by the brutality of the regime.
    • 20 million plus 56 million represent almost 0,4% of the 20 billions US have looted from Venezuela in just the last few weeks.
  • It’s time we do more. With respect, we urge you to intensify efforts to deny access to the Maduro regime for financing.
    • More efforts to strangle Venezuelan economy. This only is a reflection of their despair for a series of defeats inflicted by the Venezuelan Revolution.
  • We urge all nations to immediately freeze the assets of Pdvsa and transfer the assets of Maduro’s henchmen to “president in charge” Juan Guaidó.
    • They can not be more careless. They are putting at risk US interests in Venezuela that can also be in a legitimate act of retaliation confiscated by Venezuela.
  • We urge the nations to restrict the granting of visas to members of the Maduro regime.
    • More desperation, Venezuelans can not care less about this.
  • As of today, the United States Government imposes additional sanctions on regime officials, including three governors of border states linked to border violence.
    • Again trying to break the spirit of Venezuelans and in the contrary promoting an increasing Resistance sentiment.
  • The United States Government will announce new sanctions against the corrupt networks of the regime. We will work to find up to the last dollar that has been stolen.
    • Uhhhhh….we are very scared!!!!
  • To the officials of the Armed Forces who continue supporting the Maduro regime I tell them that there will be no way out, there will be no escape, they will lose everything.
    • More threats to Venezuelan military officers that increase their anti-imperialist and patriotic sentiment.
  • To those who support Juan Guaidó, the United States Government will give them relief from the sanctions.
    • I threaten you and then I offer you a carrot.
  • – To the leaders of the world: The time has come.
    • Be warned Europe…Pence is pointing at you for not submitting completely to US orders.
  • – As Simón Bolívar said: A people that loves freedom will be free.
    • Wash your mouth for naming Simon Bolivar that always warned about the imperialist spirit of the US.
  • – Venezuela, seek your freedom, we will go with you, go with God.
    • This means” you right-wingers Venezuelans better start doing things right because we are getting tire of this mess!


Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT content (counterarguments)

Translated by JRE


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