President Maduro: 77 Total Cases of Coronavirus as of Today – US Blocking Access to Test Kits

This Sunday President Nicolás Maduro led a meeting of the Presidential Commission for the Prevention, Attention and Control of Coronavirus, from the Miraflores Palace, in which he reported that the number of people infected with Covid-19 in the country total 77 people. Of these, 40 are men and 37 are women; 27 cases correspond to patients between 30 and 39 years old.

In his speech, the Venezuelan president detailed that the existing cases in Venezuela are located as follows: 2 cases in Anzoátegui, 2 in Apure, 6 in Aragua, 1 in Cojedes, 19 in the Capital District, 2 in Falcón, 8 in La Guaira, 1 in Lara , 1 in Mérida, 30 in Miranda, 1 in Monagas, 1 in Portuguesa, 1 in Táchira, 1 in Zulia and 1 in Nueva Esparta.

“We cut the Covid-19 transmission chain by a very high percentage, thanks to the measures of quarantine we took on time. If we had not acted, we would have more than 2,000 cases. It was worth initiating the quarantine and it is worth radicalizing it,” said the president.

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Lines of action

In this sense, he announced four lines of action to be taken to deepen the measures against the Covid-19 coronavirus:

  1. We are going to radicalize the quarantine. No one can walk in the street without masks.
  2. Extended Personalized Screening (DAPE) through the Patria System survey.
  3. Guarantee diagnostic tests.
  4. Preparation of hospital beds in hospitals and private clinics. Hotels have been incorporated to this special plan.

Denounces US attempt to block diagnostic test kits

The Venezuelan President also stated that “we have the goal of reaching 2 million diagnostic tests.”

However, he denounced that “we are manauvering because the United States government is pressing for the test kits not to reach us. The US government is threatening providers not to sell coronavirus test kits to Venezuela.”

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Massive detection and screening system

For the massive detection and screening system, 13,808 CLAP doctors, doctors, militiamen, police and street leaders are participating and are currently visiting house by house with all the suspected cases that have been detected through the Patria System survey ( 21,861 cases have been detected by the survey).

Coup plan

President Maduro denounced the implementation of a new coup plan. “I have the responsibility as head of state to alert the world community and Venezuelans. In the US, a crazy plan has been unleashed to destabilize and promote a coup d’etat in the midst of this situation. They have no peace with misery. Let no one let his guard down.”

“They will never come back here! Political and social leaders: to defeat the coup leaders wherever they go. It is a minority. The great majority of us walk with an open heart, attending to our affairs, counting each bed, each medicine,” he said.

He denounced that “from the US there is a plan to try to develop a destabilization process at this stage. You can see it in The Washington Post, in the Miami Herald. Antonio Ledezma goes out front to call for a violent, bloody coup in the country. I denounce it!” said the Venezuelan president.

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Translated by JRE/EF



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